Abraham’s Garden

Another fresh week and like we promised another new staghomme update is here. And just like we said, this one is quite special in the fact that it marks a milestone for you guys sticking with us so far. That’s why we wanted to make sure that you get to see a truly amazing and juicy update with the two hot and horny studs. And you know that we never disappoint with the hunks that we have around here either. Anyway, this gallery shows off Abraham and his buddy partying hard in the back yard in the garden in this stag homme gallery and you get to see them get down and dirty with each other quite a lot in their little scene here for the afternoon!

abraham's-gardenAs soon as the show begins, the two muscled guys make their entry. And as you can check out, they are sporting nothing but some jeans with nothing else. So when they are already looking pretty sharp right from the start you can bet that they were quite eager to get touchy feely with each other soon as well. It’s just amazing to see two hot studs like them getting to kiss and caress and then suck each other’s cocks with a passion as well. They are very skilled in sucking big fat cocks, just like the guys from the cmnm site, so you can see them do much much more than the foreplay, so just discover it by yourselves and enjoy. We’ll be back soon of course and to boot you can also check out the past scenes for more gay action here as well!

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StagHomme – Stag Affairs

Hey there guys and gals and welcome yet again to another gay fuck with two new studs just like usual. The scene brings you a new pair all ready to get down and dirty with each other, and like some other couples around here, the two end up playing in a nice and public area too. And apart from our cameras shooting the whole thing, the green shirted guy also wants to shoot this show of theirs in a POV style of manner. So anyway, let’s get right down to business as we bet that you guys want to get to watch the two of them play naughty. And you can rest assured that there’s a lot of cock sucking and anal plowing action going down in today’s stag homme scene!

It seems that the outdoor setting for the two is the rooftop of their apartment building and you can bet that they didn’t care at all who saw them get naughty. well the green shirt guy pulled out the camera and started to film as the other was catching the guy sucking him off. Just take your time to see that stud wrap his lips around that meat pole and check him out working the shaft with his juicy lips in this nice and sexy little scene for the afternoon. We’ll be back once more with another new gallery update for you and you will get to watch another hot gay fuck session. See you then and stay safe. We can assure you that it will be a special surprise!


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Cum On Over

Welcome yet again. The time is right to check out a fresh new homme scene here for the afternoon and we can bet that you will just adore what we have for you this week. We’ve naturally got another pair of hot and horny guys that want to play naughty with each other and they are more than happy to get to let you see what they ended up doing together for this afternoon. One thing is for sure, and that is that the kitchen setting was pretty perfect to let loose in, in today’s fresh and kinky stag homme update. So anyway, sit back and check out some fresh new and hot gay fuck sessions with two horny guys banging in the kitchen today!


As the show begins you can see the bearded guy working on his laptop while his buddy comes back home. And his buddy seems pretty horny to boot today. Well he decided naturally to drop the work and just have some fun with the guy without anymore delay. Clothes flew off fast of course and you can see them getting to work right on tip of that counter that he was previously working on. So watch the bearded stud laying on his back with legs spread open and see him taking it balls deep in the ass missionary style today as he moans in pleasure. We’ll see you again soon with all new and fresh galleries. Bye bye until then everyone and enjoy the gallery of images!

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StagHomme – Dato’s Law

Welcome back once again to some more incredible staghomme scenes everyone. You’ve been here long enough to know what to expect in every gallery and of course, that happens to be some pretty incredible and hot fuck sessions with a pretty horny couple in every update. And in this week we want you to see the hot and horny Dato in action once more. You got to see him play last week, but he’s back for an encore this week and he has some company. As far as Dato is concerned, today’s fresh stag homme scene lets him take the ropes and order the other guy around pretty much as he pleases. So watch him fuck that ass balls deep with his hard cock!

Dato and the other jock start off their little naughty session with each other by doing some stripping for one another and naturally putting their oral skills on display to get their man meats hard. After that is done, you can check out the dom Dato as he gets to get into the swing of things and take that sweet ass for a ride. Take your time to see him make the other guy moan loudly in pleasure while his cock goes deep and hard in that sexy ass this afternoon today. We can guarantee that you will love the play session that these two have and there will be even more to check out next week as well. See you all then and don’t forget to have fun with the shows! For more action, visit the cmnm.us site and see some hot gay men making out!


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Dato Foland and Abraham

Another fresh week and time to check out a brand new stag homme scene here with more amazing gay sex going down for your viewing pleasure. You know we’ve got you covered anytime that you want to see some superb and sexy gay fuck scenes with hot guys getting down and dirty and we’re sure that this week’s little scene will be very very much to your taste as well. The two guys in the gallery get to spend their afternoon fucking each other and sucking each other off all over the place and you just have to see them in some action for this show. So anyway, let’s get those cameras rolling and see another gay couple fucking passionately on camera today!


They are two jocks naturally and if all the scenes in the past are anything to go by, you know that you get to see some pretty intense and passionate gay fuck scenes this afternoon here without delay. They make quick work of one another’s clothes and you can see plenty of kissing and caressing getting done as well. By the time they are all nude and eager to fuck both guys are rock hard. But the best part of the whole action scene here today is the part when the two suck each other off and you will get to see them shooting sticky loads all over one another’s gorgeous faces. Enjoy the view of this whole show and we’ll be back again soon with another lovely scene!

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Homme Delicia

Well for this week’s stag homme update you naturally get to see two more hot studs playing nasty with each other in the gallery. And we want you to see another passionate gay fuck this afternoon with muscular hunks that know how to party hard and play passionately and we can assure you that there’s plenty to see and check out in their little update here today. They get to have the bedroom to play in on the big bed and the whole evening they get to spend with one another so you can expect some superb sex scenes going down. Anyway, let’s get right into the action and watch another hardcore and passionate gay fuck fest for the afternoon today!

Like we mentioned, the bed was all theirs and by the end of the scene you can bet that they made the appliance creak a lot with their fucking. To begin with, as always, the two guys get to suck each other off and you just have to see them showing off those oral skills on one another’s big dicks. Then what goes down is simply something not to miss for sure as you can see fine and sexy rumps getting penetrated balls beep by thick cocks as well. And this whole thing reaches a climax as the guys do when they cum all over one another at the end. Enjoy the view of it all and we’ll be back soon with more all new and all fresh updates for you to see and check out!


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Flex and Goran

Today’s nice and juicy staghomme scene is here to show off some new and hot studs in action and naturally we have the best of the best for you waiting here this week too. We have two muscled hunks that will blow you away with their simply incredible fuck session and we can bet that you will love seeing them play today. Another thing to note is that as you can see, the two studs ended up getting to play in the back yard today too. So let’s just get to watch them having some sexy times with one another outdoors and see them fucking kinky all over the place here today. So with that being said, let’s get right into the action to check the guys out at play!


As the show begins, the two guys step outside in the back yard this afternoon. As you can see, it was a nice and sunny day and the two decided to spend the afternoon outdoors rather than locked up inside. And naturally get kinky outdoors too with one another. Either way you can bet that you will be in for quite the show with the two studs as they get to fuck nice and hard. Naturally, their little sex play starts off with some oral and you just have to see juicy lips wrapped around hard cocks in this one. Then it carries on with some superb anal after that mouth fucking and you get to enjoy it all. Have fun with the whole scene and we’ll see you all soon!

Enjoy watching this jock getting his mouth fucked!


StagHomme – Gostosos

Hey there everyone and welcome back to a fresh new staghomme update. We know exactly what you guys want to check out and we have something very juicy for you today. In this new scene you get to watch two more muscled hunks partying hard with one another but the trick is that they get to have their fun in the bathroom. They decided to get wet and wild and of course the whole fuck fest was going to be caught on camera too. So anyway, sit back, relax and get ready to have your socks blow off by this explosive scene with the two hot guys. You will see the two muscled studs engage in some very naughty and very passionate sex this afternoon!

As the show begins, one of the guys was already in the bath and taking his time to soak in the water. Well his buddy comes in with the same idea but since it’s ocupado, he decided to join in anyway. And now as the place is getting a bit cramped, they two are more or less rubbing all over one another. So yeah, it wasn’t a long road that led them to get naughty. Anyway, check out the action scene as they get to suck one another off and then see them shooting loads all over each other before the end of this simply amazing scene here today. We’ll be back soon enough with some more new and fresh updates for you so be sure to drop by and check them out!


Take a look at these jocks blowing one another!


Good Husband

Hey there guys and welcome back once more to a stag homme gay update with more horny and sexy studs getting wild with one another. Today we get to see another pair that gets to have fun with one another in a private room and you can bet that the cameras were there to capture every single second of their debauchery for the afternoon. The two studs got this king size bed all to themselves to play on and they intend to make full use of it as you will see. So let’s just not waste anymore time and just watch the two of them fuck hard already in today’s scene. We can pretty much guarantee that you guys and gals will adore the two guys in action here today!


As the show begins, the two jocks are all ready and eager to get to play with one another and it looks like their first order of business is to do the little foreplay thing. Naturally, that implies that the one on the receiving end, needs to get down and dirty and start sucking that cock with a passion. That happens to be the guy without any tattoos. So anyway, let the show commence and check out the tattooed guy moan in pleasure while his buddy is using those juicy lips to get his cock rock hard for the first bit. Then you can see him present that ass for a good plowing and take it balls deep too. We’ll be seeing you next week with another fresh gallery everyone!

Take a look at this jock getting his dick sucked!


The Muse

It’s time to get to see one more juicy and hot staghomme scene here this week with of course, some new studs showing off just how horny they are and how willing to fuck one another balls deep today. As you can clearly see, there’s three hot and juicy studs all ready to play with one another in this one and they are just amazing to say the least. The threesome that went down with them is a must watch today if you want to see some passionate gay sex sessions and you can rest easy knowing that they have lots of fun with each other. So let’s get the show started and see some hard style anal sex getting done around here without delay!

When the show begins you can see the trio making their entry and they were already starting to undress one another to reveal those juicy bodies for you and the cameras here. So after that strip session watch them kissing and caressing one another to tease each other. And naturally get one another rock hard. The bald guy seems to be the center of attention as his buddies are more than happy to let him fuck them both. So sit back and watch them moan in pleasure while they have the guy going balls deep inside their asses and makes them moan loudly in pleasure! We’ll be seeing you again soon enough with much more new and fresh content! Bye bye for now everyone!


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